On Tuesday 14th November 2017, the Ombudsman, Melron Nicol-Wilson interacted with Public Officials and the general public on the work of his Office, in a meeting held at the Bo District Council Hall.

The officials, among others, included staff from the Provincial Administration, Office of National Security, Human Rights Commission, Anti-Corruption  Commission, Sierra Leone Police, Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, Sierra Leone Correctional Service, Local Councils and Civil Society Organisations.

The Deputy Mayor of the Bo City Council, Councillor Wurie Jalloh, gave the welcome address and encouraged the participants to ask as many questions as possible.

 The Ombudsman discussed the kinds of complaints he is mandated to investigate and how he conducts his investigations. He emphasised that, his role is to    resolve the complaints by recommending remedial actions.


The participants complained that, there is no industrial court in the Southern Region to deal with industrial disputes. Other concerns were also mentioned for the attention and intervention of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman promised to notify the relevant    authorities about the various concerns.