In his quest to make the office of the Ombudsman more visible and accessible to Ministries, Departments , Agencies and institutions of higher learning, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Leon Jenkins-Johnston Esq.  has today 19th June 2019 visited the Eastern Polytechnic in Kenema in the Eastern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

He was received by the Registrar Mr. J. Juana together with a cross section of Lecturers and students. In his welcome address the Registrar noted the timeliness of the visit and thanked the Ombudsman for coming.


Ombudsman team and the Registrar Eastern Polytechnic    Ombudsman and Students of Polytechnic Kenema

He noted that his Institution was keenly looking forward to their status being changed to that of a University as the Eastern Province is the only Province without a University in the Country.

In his own remarks the Ombudsman thanked the Registrar, Lecturers and students for taking their time to be present and to listen to him.

He reminded the audience of his mandate as set out in Section 142 sub section 2 of the constitution of Sierra Leone.

He warned against maladministration, injustice and abuse of power by those in authority.

He also warned against sexual harassment and Lecturers demanding sex for grades from students.

He encouraged those who are faced with any of these problems to bring forward there complaints which will be dealt with swiftly and decisively.

   Ombudsman  and  Staff  Pose  at  the front  of  Kenema  office  Ombudsman and Students Nurse at Eastern Polytechnic Kenema

In another engagement the Ombudsman visited the regional office of the Ombudsman in Kenema to have a firsthand update on their operations and had Lunch with staff.